7 November 2016

BJD clothes patterns
Soom Super Gem old Female body - Corset and bolero.
Spiritdoll Proud male body - Basic jacket.
Print on A4 format.
Patterns are given without seam allowance.

16 March 2016

McQueen red

Inspirational illustration. My favorite details from Alexander McQueen's ruway looks in my favourite color. There're details from six outfits.
Painted with watercolors.

22 February 2016

There's blood beneath every layer of skin

My entry for High fashion for BJDolls flashmob is finally finished.
Inspired by Alexander McQueen's final dress from spring/summer 2001 runway.

29 January 2016

Personal hell

I am really really BAD at painting T__T

К вопросу о скилле и вижине. Вернуться к рисованию через 10 лет тяжко не столько из-за утраченного скилла, а потому что, в отличи от него, вижн-то все это время сцуко качался.
И теперь ощущать себя на уровне восторженных подростков, открывших для себя аниме и кинувшихся рисовать свои почеркушки, - это ад, персональный ад *рыдаю*

26 January 2016

Drawing practice

Returning to drawing again. Haven't actually drawn anything for like 10 years... so it is very much like learning to do that from scratch.
Started a series of my OCs portraits with a new one - The Reanimator. She literally can bring you back from the dead lol

25 January 2016

Monster High Frankie OOAK Rosy Rose

Monster High Frankie Stein custom. Was inspired by those very gentle small roses. 
Rose actually is my favourite flower in all it's forms:)
Sold from Ebay and I hope brings joy to her owner.

How to Break Through Artist's Block

Probably one of the most useful tutorials I've seen lately.
I would highly recommend Sycra's channel for every aspiring artist.